1963 Little Pipeliners

The younger surfers built their own modest shack at the long gone storm water outlet near Coane St. They were 12 to 15 year olds – Peter Cornish, “Gunna” Gillies, “Bug” Hadfield, “Stretch” Thomson, “Errol” Offen, Simmo, John “Tamba” Adam. They had to be content surfing beach breaks in front of their shack, not given much leeway by the older guys to venture further south.

Surfers gathered up and down the Merewether/Bar Beach strip. The Little Pipeliners became friends with the next group north, around Pogo’s, – “Mac”, “Curlypet”, “Zot”, “Dutchie”, “Cot”, “Grayser”. By 1964 these 2 groups were amalgamating below the little pipeline.