1963 Big Pipeliners

So who were the Club’s founding surfers? Just young kids! There were 2 distinct groups – “Big Pipeliners” and “Little Pipeliners”. They were all probably teenagers. The former were the “elders”, but just 16, 17 or maybe 18 or 19. Jim Newburn, Robbie Wood, Ross Bailey, “Yakka” Sharpe, Robbie Lane, Mick Bickley, “NJ” Jackson, “Wally” Walton, “Cricket” Johnson, “Eggo”, “Abdul” Hogg, Ross Ramsay, “Zot” Bordiss”, Thwaitesy… They hung at the storm water outlet just north of Watkins Street and built a substantial shack for shelter. They ruled the waves at The Rocks and the middle of the beach. Not much surfing took place south of The Rocks